Eric-Lemieux, Compositeur, Montréal, Canada Eric F Lemieux, Concert guitare. Photo: Marie-Louise Gariépy

Interview (Revolutionthreesixty Janvier 2014)

R. Some feel there is no need to record classical music any more, that it’s all been done before. what do you tell them?

E.L. I feel there will always be a way to express music that has been written on a sheet of paper with a fresh approach, with different colors, different feelings. I don’t know. I tend to avoid categorizing things. I would put it this way: On the one hand there is a tradition where music is written as notes on the paper first. On the other hand, there is another tradition that comes from the application of recording, or improvisation first (electroacoustic, pop, folk whatever). And there are all other possibilities in between these two traditions. I can’t imagine where all of this will bring us in decades from now with the next levels of development in computers, some other technologies and more sophisticated software. I think it will be pretty amazing in the next few decades or centuries. Music may become more interactive with the listener and may take some new directions by integrating some other unknown aspects of reality. It may take us to a more direct or intuitive organic ways in its expression. We are kind of getting there with the interactive technologies available now but we are not there yet, I think. We are still very far away from the sort of freedom I imagine possible.

I don’t know what Classical means anymore. If it means History, I’m out of it… But I certainly think you can play an ancient music in a contemporary way.


Eric F Lemieux et sa guitare aux déjeuners Croissant-Musique 2011


Interview sur le taoïsme: Devenir un Poème Vivant 2007



La Scena Musicale, Éric Champagne, Montréal, Canada, juillet-août 2010, Eric F Lemieux, Three Suites for Guitar.

« Ces suites sont d’une grande fraîcheur et d’un intérêt constant pour l’auditeur. La fusion des styles et des influences marque ici un aboutissement surprenant. Le compositeur jongle avec les styles pour mieux évoquer son univers et son imaginaire, marqué par l’intimité, la poésie et l’intensité du présent. Le compositeur offre donc une interprétation en toute sensibilité de son oeuvre qui, sans être d’une virtuosité gratuite et flamboyante, est riche dans l’exploitation de l’instrument. À découvrir! »




Eric F Lemieux