Curriculum vitae

Eric-f-Lemieux, Compositeur, Montréal, Canada
Eric F Lemieux, Photo: Marie-Louise Gariépy

Eric F Lemieux
2334 Beaconsfield, NDG
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H4A 2G8
(514) 597-0621


Create original music for various musical formations (chamber or symphonic instrumental music, solos, duets, electroacoustic, film music), teach and perform musical pieces. Versatility and enthusiasm reinforce my commitment to quality and authenticity. I can speak and write fluently in both languages: French and English.

“Eric F Lemieux did an amazing job writing the music score for “The Ante”. Composing over 30 minutes of original material for a 18-piece ensemble orchestra is no easy feat, especially on tight budget and schedule. Lemieux pulled it off with superb results. The score received great reviews and really helped the film stand out from the crowd. Lemieux has a proven track record of scoring highly efficient orchestral work on a feature film. The best is yet to come for this up-and-coming composer. We recommend him highly.” Peter Proffit Pictures


The names of the flowers“,
Music supervisor. Music programming, Music mixing,
film music Director: Bahman Tavoosi, 2019

The names of the flowers


La fin du supplice“, film music (CAO-ONF)
Director: Stéphane Dirschauer, 2018

A dress rehearsal for an execution“, film music
Director: Bahman Tavoosi, 2015

El Lobo“, film music (CAO-ONF)
Director: Stéphane Dirschauer, 2014

Tomorow “,musical video
Director: Kirit Trivedi, 2014 (coming)
Harbourfront Films and Motion Pictures Ltd

Trois nuits et une mort“, film music (CAO-ONF)
Director: Stéphane Dirschauer, 2013

Antara (Breaking Through),UK
Invited artist on a compilation, CD released international diffusion
march 2013

Many professional concerts in the Montreal region
2010 to 2013

“Vol de Nuit”, film music (CAO-ONF)
Director: Stéphane Dirschauer, 2011

“The Ante”, film music
Director: Maxime Perrier, Peter Proffit Films, 2009 (Coming)

Eric-Lemieux, Compositeur, The Ante

Composed the film music for“Le secret des pierres”,
Director: Marie-Claude Charlebois, 2008

“Poésies Chtoniennes”, film music
Director: Marie-Louise Gariépy, 2008

“Chronique d’après la peine”, film music
Director: Marie-Louise Gariépy, 2005

Composed the film music for “Forniquer dans le néant”,
Director: Marie-Louise Gariépy, 2003

Composed the piece “Anubhava” (for chamber orchestra)
premiere performance by Synapse ensemble
Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, 2003

Composed the piece “Dans l’Amérique des Elfes” (piece for fourteen instruments)
premiere performance by Synapse ensemble
Clara Linchteinstein Hall, McGill, 2002

Composed “Tö King XXV” a duet for saxophone and guitar, Servant-Lacoursière
Premiere performance at Instituto Cultural Pernano Norte Americano,
Lima, Perou, 2001

“Eric F. Lemieux plays Eric F. Lemieux”, solo guitar
public presentation as part of the Month of Calligraphy
Montreal Society for Traditional Chinese Culture, 2000

Composed the musical soundtrack for a Web site
Vectormedia Company, 2000

Organised and conducted the Viraj ensemble as part of a student composers concert
Salle Claude-Champagne, 2001



Master’s degree in musical composition
Supervisor: Dr. Alan Belkin, University of Montreal, 2002

Bachelor degree in musical composition
Supervisor: Dr. Michel Longtin, University of Montreal, 2000

Training session in music for films and television
Supervisor: Buddy Baker, New York University, 2000

Studies in orchestral conducting
Under Dr. Paolo Bellomia, University of Montreal, 2000 – 2003

Master class in orchestral conducting
Under Bernard Tétu, University of Montreal, 2001

Master class in orchestral conducting with OUM
(University of Montreal Orchestra), 2001

Private Lessons in composition
Jacques Hétu, composer, 1997 – 1998

Music studies in history, ear training, jazz harmony and theoretical courses
McGill University, 1986 – 1988

Classical Guitar (advanced technique, interpretation of modern and early music,
harmony, composition, solos, duos)
Pierre Gladu, guitarist, 1983 – 1991



“Ti Amo”, Centaur Records (U.S.A.)
CD, international diffusion, 2015 (coming).

“Second Suite for Guitar (score)”, Bergmann Edition, Denmark, international diffusion, 2014.

“Three Suites for Guitar” (crc 3008);, Centaur Records (U.S.A.)
CD, international diffusion, January 2010

Published a piece for guitar
Akustik Gitarre Review(Germany)
(5/07 – Sept./Oct. 2007)

Published a piece for guitar in
the Société de Guitare de Montréal journal
July 1999, Issue No. 2



Acting Classes:
Suzanna Lenir, Montreal, 2012-14
Gilles Plouffe (Rêves Intentionnels), Montreal, 2014-today.

Formation in artistic career developpement (45 hours)
U.D.A., 2010

Certified teacher in taoïst techniques of chikung, meditations.

Interview-portraits Le Tao, Centretrecoeur Review, Jan. 2007

Publishing of a poetry book : “Saisons en Amérique”.

Private guitar and composition lessons

Teaching Assistant Harmony I and II
University of Montreal, 2001 – 2002

Active participation within the CeCo
(Cercle des étudiants Compositeurs de l’Université de Montréal)
an organisation for student composers
University of Montreal, 1998 – 2002

Charitable work for SAM (Suicide-Action-Montréal), a suicide hotline
2000 to 2004




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Michael Barone, Minnesota Public Radio, The New Releases, March 25, 2010

Eric F Lemieux, “Three Suites for Guitar”: From French Canadian soil, a modern fusion of styles here, always based on a poetic urge … intimate, individualistic, and conveyed with inviting immediacy.



Eric F Lemieux