Film Music in Montreal

Film Music in Montreal

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“I had the opportunity to work with the composer Eric in two films, Dress Rehearsal for an Execution, a documentary shot in Canada, and my feature fiction debut The Names Of The Flowers, a coproduction of Canada, US, Bolivia, Qatar. At both occasions, I was tremendously impressed by the work process of Eric, his understanding of the emotional, dramatic needs of the scenes, and his flexibility towards adjustments of the film and director during the editing process. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with Eric and I’m surely looking forward to future collaborations.”

Bahman Tavoosi, producer.

The names of the flowers


New film music from a soon-to-be-released film. from Eric F. Lemieux on Vimeo.

New film music from a soon-to-be-released film.2019 from Eric F. Lemieux on Vimeo.

“Eric brings passion and creativity to his projects, and his musical suggestions reflect a profound understanding of the issues surrounding a particular work. He is a true professional.”

Stéphane Dirschauer, Égaré Film, Toronto, Canada.


Original Film Music

Vol de Nuit (Film Music Opening Title)
Here’s the Opening Title Generic for the Short Footage movie “Vol de Nuit”. I composed this Music in 2011. It’s a dramatic film made by the Producer Stéphane Dirschauer from Toronto. Quite a interesting project to work on.

Le secret des pierres (2008)
10 mins.
Réalisatrice: Marie-Claude Charlebois


“La musique qu’a composé Eric F Lemieux pour mon film documentaire a dépassé toutes mes attentes. Il a su, avec peu de moyens mais beaucoup de patience et de passion, créer une trame sonore qui s’agençait parfaitement au film. Grâce à son talent et son écoute, il a développé une mélodie qui nous transporte au même rythme et avec la même vivacité que le protagoniste principal du film. Je suis très heureuse d’avoir collaboré avec Eric et je conseille à quiconque souhaite ajouter une trame sonore à son projet de le contacter.”

Marie-Claude Charlebois, Montreal, Canada.

Film Music in Case

For effectiveness in a Movie context, my Music will convey Emotion, be relevant to the Action and most important, depict the Characters from the inside. An effective film music can reveal the subconscious life of the characters and some different layers of intentions behind the story.

Eric F. Lemieux, Montreal, Canada.

Vol de Nuit (scene 1)
Here’s a scene taken from the movie “Vol de Nuit”. This scene uses the same music than the Opening Title previously presented here. It is interesting to see how this soundtrack could be used in different contexts in the film.

« Je recommande sans hésitation de travailler avec Eric pour votre musique de film. Il saura vous proposer des musiques originales et en accord avec votre vision. Il sait vraiment écouter et s’investit vraiment dans le projet auquel il participe. Qualités principales : Très efficace, Expert, Créativité ».

Marie-Louise Gariepy, Productions Qualia, Montréal, Canada.


Film music (thriller, action movie) from Eric F.Lemieux on Vimeo.

Eric-Lemieux, Compositeur, The Ante
“Eric F Lemieux did an amazing job writing the music score for “The Ante”. Composing over 30 minutes of original material for a 18-piece ensemble orchestra is no easy feat, especially on tight budget and schedule. Lemieux pulled it off with superb results. The score received great reviews and really helped the film stand out from the crowd. Lemieux has a proven track record of scoring highly efficient orchestral work on a feature film. The best is yet to come for this up-and-coming composer. We recommend him highly.”

Maxime Perier, Peter Proffit Pictures, Montreal, Canada.

Eric Lemieux, Film Music

Eric F Lemieux, Montreal based composer can help you create the exact Film Music you need for your original project.

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Michael Barone, Minnesota Public Radio, The New Releases, March 25, 2010

Eric F Lemieux, “Three Suites for Guitar”: From French Canadian soil, a modern fusion of styles here, always based on a poetic urge … intimate, individualistic, and conveyed with inviting immediacy.



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