“TI AMO” an odyssey by Eric F Lemieux.

Eric-Lemieux, Compositeur, Montréal, Canada






NOW AVAILABLE ! “TI AMO” an odyssey by Eric F Lemieux.

Montreal, the 9th of October 2015 : NOW AVAILABLE ! I’m very glad to announce the release of my New Concept Album TI AMO. On the USA label Centaur Records, containing all of the very Best tracks I’ve done for film in almost a decade. Plus 4 supplementary unreleased original tracks produced with the help of my dear friend from Greece, the Great singer Natassa Mare Moumtzidou. From the brightest to the strangest, it is an odyssey!


Eric-F-Lemieux, Compositeur, Montréal, Canada














I strongly recommend to buy the Physical CD because you have cross-fades between the tracks making it a Full Concept Album, a unique Odyssey through the musical universes.



March-April 2016 issue of American Record Guide.
“Eric F Lemieux’s record Ti Amo is a collection of short fragments of film music written from 2004 to 2013. Taken individually, some of these short pieces are striking, with tense rhythms, edgy harmonies, and bold, dramatic gestures. Lemieux is a talented guitarist and allows his abilities to take center stage in these snippets of film score. A few of the works are more typical orchestral cinematic music. Perhaps fans of Lemieux’s scores or the films themselves will enjoy owning this sampling. “


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Eric-F-Lemieux, Compositeur, Montréal, Canada





ric-Lemieux, Compositeur, cd centaur

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ric-Lemieux, Compositeur, cd centaur

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Michael Barone, Minnesota Public Radio, The New Releases, March 25, 2010

Eric F Lemieux, “Three Suites for Guitar”: From French Canadian soil, a modern fusion of styles here, always based on a poetic urge … intimate, individualistic, and conveyed with inviting immediacy.



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